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Popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn Removal

Daygig Painting | Hilton Head Island & Bluffton, SC

While popcorn textures were once popular, they no longer align with today's interior design trends. Modern homes now embrace cleaner and more inviting aesthetics, leaving behind the popcorn style favoring a fresher look and feel.

Daygig Painting - crew on scaffold ladder

Out With The Old...

Popcorn walls and ceilings, known by various names like "textured," "stucco," or "cottage cheese," gained popularity in the 1970s for their sound-absorbing qualities and for their ability to conceal drywall imperfections. However, their downsides have become more evident over time, leading to the increasing popularity of their removal.

  • Asbestos Risk: Used for fire resistance and insulation, asbestos in these textures poses health hazards, especially in structures built before 1980.

  • Better Lighting: The texture of popcorn ceilings creates shadows and uneven light distribution, impacting room lighting.

  • Cleaner Space: Popcorn textures collect dust in their crevices, making cleaning a challenge compared to smoother surfaces.

  • Prevent Damage: DIY removal attempts can inadvertently damage surfaces, while professionals ensure careful execution to prevent mishaps.

  • Modern Transformation: Removing popcorn ceilings updates living spaces, enhancing visual appeal and property value.​

...In With The New

Removing popcorn ceilings is messy, daunting, and potentially hazardous. Scraping off the texture often leads to drywall damage, and the risk of asbestos is a serious concern. Homeowners need a safer and more efficient solution to update their homes effectively.

That's where Daygig Painting comes in! Our speed and precision exceed DIY attempts. Count on us for remarkable results without stress. We possess the expertise and tools to revitalize your surfaces and manage risks like asbestos professionally.​

Our thorough prep work ensures clean surroundings, covering walls, floors, and furniture. Our team then skillfully eliminates popcorn texture, delivering impeccable ceilings. Any damages encountered are promptly repaired. After our work, your home boasts modern elegance, potentially enhancing its value.

Moulding and ceiling
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